Are you feeling tired of...

  • Feeling directionless in your PT career development?

  • Getting taken advantage of by lopsided contracts?

  • Endlessly applying to jobs without even call back?

  • Stammering and stuttering through intimidating job interviews?

  • Feeling yanked around by employers or recruiters?

But Wait!

Who are these people anyways, and why do they know so much about career development, jobs, and negotiation?

Our Story: Half a decade ago my wife Ellen and I decided to leave the rat race of an underpaying outpatient clinic and jump into Travel PT. Right from the start we had absolutely incredible adventures! But we also had some serious struggles. We took low paying contracts in high priced areas, got bullied out of thousands of dollars, we were so lost we let ourselves even take a job at a perm clinic that wouldn’t let us take vacation days together (yes, we actually took that job!). Over the years we have learned A LOT of lessons - We share all of them in this course.

How has it turned out?

  • we now interview for 90% of the jobs we apply to

  • 100% of these interviews have ended in a job offer

  • Successfully negotiated for raises of 14-30% - totaling a $30K/yr raise in one case

  • Average $15,000/yr more now than when we first were travelers and we have gone back to the SAME jobs!

Value vs Cost

The skills learned in this class will help you to boost your pay by thousands of dollars a year! With these immediately actionable lessons you’ll be able to get paid more on your very next contract.

  • Example: $50/week increase (very reasonable to expect) = $650 over a 13wk travel contract

  • Travelers: You can nearly DOUBLE the cost of the course in just your 1st contract!

  • Example: A simple $2/hr raise = $4,000/year boost in your income as a perm therapist!

  • Perm Therapists, thats over 10x the cost of this course back in your pocket in the first year... and every year after.

  • These lessons will pay off for the rest of your career!

  • As always, if you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason we will give you a full refund up to 30 days after signing up for the class.

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What you can expect from this awesome course:

  • Rest easy with an eye catching resume

  • Learn to create your own professional development

  • Finally become the clinician hiring managers and clinics fight over

  • Regain control of your professional life

  • Be able to enter and leave every contract negotiation confidently

  • Finally be able to get paid what you are worth!